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Feeling so lazy lately

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I have been feeling so lazy the last week. I am still taking my meds, making my bed, keeping up on appts., general picking up of the house, finished fine tuning my foster room door. Got another kitten adopted. My lawn needs to be mowed, is a beautiful day to do it. Such a hassle, I have to air up the tires first. There's something else, the mower needs new tires. Three of them have slow leaks. Need to weed whack also. Have a charged battery.

Lost my partial in the house somewhere. Still have four years to go in order to get a replacement. I have doc appts tomorrow so I guess I will go toothless just keep my big mouth shut. Think I will tear my room apart because I have a feeling it might be in there. Also need to find the dog's collar remote.

Dreading hearing from Brandon, that child is so needy and he is going through it right now and I know he needs his mom to help get him through this. I just have so much of my own crap I feel like I am only half with him.

Well I left off in the middle. Have not heard from son but did hear from brother with his usual inspirational advice and workout video suggestions. Means well, gives good advice. Got the exercise machine onto back patio. Am missing a foot, great. Dishwasher loaded, trash out, box of jars out of kitchen an empty basket finally, still no partial. Kitten out to adopter am waiting for two returns.

Set up back injections, was told can be done every two weeks and to schedule my next when I am checking out from that one. Forgot to brush my teeth today. Right now the dishwasher is running so I will have to wait.


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