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still going

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though I can feel myself losing momentum. The thrill is gone now it becomes work. THat is the attitude that needs to change. I need to keep the good up, the gratitude that I can do these things. that I know what to do. What I want to do. The ability to do them.

Keeping up my morning routine is becoming just that, did have to stop and brush my teeth. I have a terrible habit of starting things but now following through. My old therapist said I had a cycle where I was status quo for a couple months then I have a tendency to go crazy. Don't know if that is a different kind of mania, I imagine so, my other end is uber depression.

Almost done with the kittens. They go for vetting in the a.m. and stay over night then Saturday they go to their new homes Considering taking in a dog in afterwards. Jared would have a fit. Caregivers have their daughter's dog who moved out of state and he has had no vetting and is in sad shape. Thinking of fostering him for them. No....too much. I will miss the kittens but be glad when they are gone.

I did nothing today except make a new friend in the animal world. So many.

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Chris is babbling again.


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