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in the show I am not feeling too bad. I have gotten over the fact that I will not be going anywhere this weekend. Another holiday spent at home because of either car or money. Tomorrow we will cook out with Brennifer and kids. Hopefully it doesn't rain though it is supposed to.

Okay, me. my morning is becoming more routine when it comes to meds, vits, and bed making. Still have to take a still moment for gratitude and remind myself to brush my teeth. It's because I have my smokes and coffee then I brush my teeth. Got to get that down to first thing.

Dishwasher is running. I will do some laundry today. Maybe a couple other things. Not making any specific mentions cause then I feel like one more thing I didn't do. Haven't decided yet what.

Considering putting out the word that I will be able to foster in two weeks. Jared would crap if we went back to back but I really want to foster for the Dachshund Haus Rescue. Maybe we will come across somebody to adopt. Jared wants a big furry dog, I do not want a shedder. Dash is short hair. Oh gosh I have just gone on a tangent.

Hopefully I can start vending some jewelry and crafts at Vehicle City Social club. I know so many people I might be able to make some money. It will get me out of the house a couple days a week. Have two takers just need a couple more? Renting a table is cheap.

Load in wash, dishwasher done, hair washed, getting out of house soon hee hee.


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