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A new week

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I slept in today, felt good. Meds check, vitamins check, bed made check, mama and babies check, Dash out check, blogging well i'm here. No appts today. I need to add something new to my routine. I am finding it hard to remember to brush my teeth and when I do remember I am in the middle of something and think to myself that I will do it as soon as I am done with this but then I forget again. Going to have to do it first thing like I use to. Precoffee lol. I will do it, it is too big a thing for me not to. I really need to push it to the point of doing it before I even log in to my computer.

Getting a new exercise machine this Friday. Want to set it up in the living room, something no impact, both me and Jared can use. I know I have gained almost 20 pounds this summer. That can be the new thing next week. Have to find a way to make it so I can exercise when the time is right for me. Maybe when I go to watch tv in the afternoons.

I still have that initial list of things that need to be done and were only half assed looked at. That is everyday stuff that weighs on my mind. I need to go back to that. maybe pick one thing off of it and do it. That would mostly be the empty boxes at the base of the stairs and in the laundry area that need to go out for trash and recycling. That will be Wednesday night's charge. I am not making another list until I get that stuff done. I will be setting myself up for failure and become overwhelmed if I keeping adding stuff and don't get what I listed done.

Self Check: Quite frankly I am miserable, super depressive mania in full swing thanks to med withdrawals. They won't fill them either until I get in there to see the doc. Can't do that until Thursday. Been crying for two days. Feel sickish, my trapezius is killing me. my lower back aches. My situational anxiety is sky high due to finances, broke down car, a gazillion upcoming appointments and pain

My initial list:

Clean and purge bedroom and get rid of some clothes.
Clean and purge bathroom and bathroom closets
Jared's room clean, purge and rearrange, reattach closet doors
Clean and purge storage containers in kitchen cabinet.
Wash fridge shelves.
Clean and purge game closet
Dust basement.
Wash all odd sundries, rugs, blankets, pillows.
Clean garage.
Garbage and boxes out of basement.
Clean freezer room of basement.
Go through stuff in basement and purge.

I will have to use this often and mark things off of it.

I still do not know what to add this week for a new thing to add to my life. Something positive, small, easy. Morning prayer? Before even out of bed, well unless my bladder is calling. Lay in bed in the morning for a few and waking up with a small grateful prayer, ask for fortitude and the ability to be grateful. God has my back. there is a post it I need on the mirror. I think that will be my new thing. morning prayer starting tomorrow morning.

Okay, done now I need to do something about my upper back muscles. Hurting badly.

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