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Another warm, humid, rainy day. I tossed and turned during the night. Think it is med withdrawal because I am having so much trouble getting my scripts filled. I slept til seven.

After some searching I found the video that really for some reason spoke to me,

Don't know if the link will work but at least I got it here. Another I found

Well the only thing on my list I got done yesterday was dinner lol. I spent all morning getting dinner prepared ahead of time and then did some cookie baking. I haven't baked in so long. I cleaned the kitchen as I went so that got done. Wiped out and sore I took a nap and next thing I knew it was five in the evening. got up and put the meatloaf in the oven. roasted parmesan butter baby potatoes to go with. jared wants sloppy joes for dinner tonight, pears, and some fries. That is easy. I thought he hated sloppy joes as much as I do lol. we both will eat them if that is what there is. so it is.

I did brush my teeth and make my bed, took my vitamins yesterday. Oops just took meds, just realized forgot vitamins will do that when I make my bed.

bella's litter changed
garbage from my room
at least one basket cleaned out.
GIve the rugs another run through the wash
brush teeth
make bed

Nothing new to start. We are sticking with my vitamins and making my bed for this week. Tomorrow I am going to try and do these things as soon as I wake up since everything is right there and then, instead I am getting up and doing my usual routine on the puter then going and doing those things when I am more awake.

I wonder if I can count this as my journaling. Not much more this morning. Don't feel like sitting on this puter all morning

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Chris is babbling again.


  1. houghchrst's Avatar
    Well it's eleven and I have done everything except brush my teeth, I did some side stuff and got sidetracked. Cleaned up the kitchen a bit more. Cleared out dish drainer. Some clothes put away. Dirty clothes picked up. Little extras.

    Now I am bored outta my mind. Not that there isn't plenty more to do. I have done the basics. Maybe one big thing later. Who knows maybe not. Now that I got netflix working i can go for a movie.

    My back hurts kind of bad so am trying to keep from being on my feet for any length of time. Just here and there. I have got to go pick up my night meds from the pharmacy.

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