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hurtin today

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Still hurting today. My back right now mostly. It is of course raining on and off again today, that doesn't help. Today is Sunday, I would like to start going back to church. Maybe that will be on my list. It was so fulfilling. I just don't like the hugging part. Course these days that's pretty much the only physical contact I get lol. Don't know what I will do today. It is Sunday, I usually don't do anything on Sundays. My day of rest said the Lord lol.

Talked to Allen about looking at my well plumbing today. I am so embarrassed to have him come to my house. It's so dirty and smells like cat litter. I can't wait for the fosters to go to their homes. I will pick up later and make them a path. Not sure if they are coming tonight or tomorrow night. I have to go down and give him my number. Should have done that a long time ago.

Yesterday I got some things done.
Took my vitamins
Brushed my teeth
Helped get a cat rescued and adopted.
Did my usual twice cleaning in the foster room.
Did a load of laundry.
Picked up free food.
Cooked Jared dinner instead of eating out.

Today I would like to
Clean Bella's litter
Clean basement landing
pick up in basement
Bring up the cardboard boxes from the basement
Make a meatloaf dinner, everything is pretty much ready for this it is just the standing and the effort.

I have learned that not living in the moment, thinking ahead of all the things that need to be done, all the bills that need to be paid, constantly going over money and household chores fills me with dread the moment I wake up. I need to learn to have a smile on my face when I get up. Find gratitude. Live for today, stop going over the future. That seems so illogical. I have to find that video. That man said, 'when you first wake up remember your dream, gratitude, make your bed, meditate, journal, exercise, and some other things that made so much sense.

Am considering doing a night time check in to put down all the things I did but I guess this way works too.

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Chris is babbling again.


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