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another one of these

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days where the weather man has covered his ass by predicting thunderstorms, rain and possible sun, warm and muggy. Basically meaning this is Michigan and ya get what ya get. We have a lot of days like that here. It is humorous to read the weather predictions because the little icon is a little bit of sun with a cloud over it with rain and a little lightning bolt coming out of the bottom. To me that means they're not sure but one of those things is going to happen.

I am sitting here surrounded by my animals, two Craigslist rescues, a forever foster, a semi feral rescue, a foster failure and a feral in the process of rehab and think how wonderful this is the way they make me feel. And the rescue community while there are a lot of cut throats and back stabbing, gossiping and sometimes illegal vendettas acted out I distance myself from all that and have made great FB friends. I read to find out who to avoid and also to stay on top of things going on in the rescue world, it is an ever shifting community with new fosters coming but dear Lord the amount of animals that need help is overwhelming and I could never look at all of them in a days time. My FB newsfeed is full of animals that need help and honestly if Brandon wasn't here I would probably have a couple more being fostered. The feral cat population is epidemic and this time of year all the groups are scrambling to get spring kittens fixed and hopefully adopted out if able. It's terrible and heartbreaking.

My living room is full of stuff that is going out to a group to be donated to the homeless or those in dire need, there are about three boxes of food, three cases of underwear pads that can be used as menstrual pads or bladder control issues, a bunch of bars of soap in their own baggies and two garbage bags of clothes, mostly shirts. I know one would probably say but how can you afford that. Well the food is stuff that I got from the foodbanks that I already have a lot of or else I know it won't get eaten. I may as well pass it on. some can't get to the food banks. The clothes are things that were passed to us and we took what we could use, added to what was left and are passing that on.

Okay this is about five days older than when it was posted.


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