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Looks like summer

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is today lol. Supposed to be almost ninety today. That is an almost twenty degree rise within two days. Thought I would get something done today but I do not function well in the heat. I am so depressed about getting my fence up. I need help but don't know where to get it. I can't pay anyone to help me. I am sick of asking for stuff on FB.

I got a raise in foodstamps today, thank God. From 170 to 220. Significant enough to make me relax a little. CJ is supposed to come work on my car today. He will probably cite the possibility of thunderstorms as an excuse but it is not supposed to start until around 6 and he has to be at work around 3.

Ha that was a couple of days ago. Just didn't have enough new to fill a page.

We have actually had beautiful weather the last couple of days. Hot but yesterday was glorious. I felt guilty for taking a nap. Haven't been napping good lately anyway. Maybe because it is too hot. CJ worked hard on my car the last two days and has the new torque converter in, the motor back in and half put back together. Won't take him too long to finish. I am disappointed that he didn't get it done but am grateful that we are on the home stretch. Damn mower decided to start on it's own yesterday lol. Well Brandon was on it but it didn't need a jump. maybe the battery was totally drained and it just needed to run for a while. can that charge a battery back up? Works with cars. Still have patches that need weed whacking.

My cousin came into town looking to buy some clones for his patients. Took him to a local club and he got them from a friend of mine. He bought me two. They are lovely. A bit short for this time of year but they are ready to go into their own pots. Right now they are still in their Solo cups. Fat healthy clones. The plant I started from seed looks sad.

My fence situation occupies my every thought. To the point of obsession and it is driving me mad. I am hoping to see the neighbor man so I can speak to him and throw myself on his mercy for help. I know he has the tools to do the job. I am sure that he would gather a group to help. Need to get it done before the ground gets rock hard.

Sweet Louise oh how I am getting attached, Jared too. I am afraid we may be the only ones she responds to positively. I am concerned that she may not become friendly enough to be adopted unless it is to an experienced, patient, loving family. The rate of ferals and kittens has become an epidemic. Each spring and early summer there is a rise in kitties so the bulk of cats get trapped if possible in like February/March. There is a never ending supply of kitties.

Okay I have rambled and I have stuff to do.


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