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I am in one of my

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blah states of mind. So I can say that despite the chaos and things breaking down I am on a plateau of feeling. Not seriously depressed not happy or content just blah. Guess that is better than depressed. I am tired mentally.

Thought my car was to get fixed this last weekend. That asshat waited until the last minute to order my part so now I have at least another week to go. Stuck home all week again. He says he doesn't mind if I use his car but it is a pain in the butt hauling him back and forth. His road rage scares me and makes him dangerous. He gets mad at the way people drive but then his aggressive driving makes him one of those people. I actually pointed this out to him. I could see he got it even though he laughed and threw out a denial.

My lawn mower is up and running with it's set of new tires and new starter. Well it was except now I need a new battery because every time you shut it off you need to jump it to get it to restart. Damn walmart throw away batteries. I just bought that one last year and I believe I had to buy one the year before that. So if you run out of gas way out in the yard like Brandon did yesterday there is no way to charge it lol. Good thing I bought that extra 100 foot extension cord. I have stuff to do today and I need it so I will have to recharge it to get some things done. Despite the rain today.

We had two beautiful days and got some things done. I have been working on cleaning out my honeysuckle. The neighbors have not weedwhacked in the almost two years they have been there so I have wild grape trees growing in them on their side. I knew it needed a bit of cleaning but I never dreamed it would take so much or that it was so bad. My other neighbors have always weedwhacked their side so I didn't think that much on it. Went out there with my dull af loppers and so far have half a row of almost waist high brush cut out of it.

I have doled out each person's set of dishes and so far I am liking it. I have not had to load the dishwasher in days because there are so few dishes that I am washing them by hand in the mornings and cleaning up after myself when I make dinner. Everyone washes their own dishes and I take care of any prep or cooking dishes. This is major for me because I despise doing dishes but it is so satisfying when I am done.

Got a new caregiver. A woman. Well not legally yet, am waiting on paperwork so I can have her switched over and I need the $35 to do that then it will take a couple of weeks. Hoping that it won't take too long. I am out of meds and have no way to get more for another week.


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