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Yet again

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another two days of rain. Yesterday was nice but it rained yesterday morning. So no burning or mowing. If I hear one more person suggest that Brandon mow the lawn we are both gonna explode. Give me the gas money yous asses. Stop the rain.

I am in a foul state the last two days. A touch above angry tears. I am angry but in a good mood kind of way. I think that is the scariest, I believe it to be a form of mania for me. Matter of fact I sent Brandon to the corner market for some vodka and orange juice last night and had a drink, okay most of a drink, and deemed myself exhausted and ready for bed. How boring. I thought Brandon was going to drink with me but he doesn't do vodka. I thought he would get a beer or something but I didn't give him permission so he didn't do it. I thought I had but guess not directly.

Woke up to a beautiful dove trapped in the catio. I had left the door open outside for the dogs to have easy access. She must have known I was trying to help her because she let me touch her before she freaked out then when she landed I picked her right up and sent her outside. At first she kind of sat there like where am I but then she flew off. That was a first.

I haven't said but my biggest issue is my caregivers. I had to fire them. I got sick of begging for my meds. He was a rude bastard, very bipolar and it affects his ability to do his job. Sent me a nasty text. He brought my children in to it. I don't know how he would know anything about my kids but his comment was rude and invasive and I made the mistake of showing Brandon and Brandon is hot. He discovered that he and this guy have 12 facebook friends in common. So he has been sleuthing. He is angry also. Would I like karma to stomp on this guy I sure do but I am not doing anything. I will sit back and wait.

Miss Dig came out today to mark power lines and such so I know I can safely put up my fence and not hit anything. Would have never thought of it but someone on FB reminded me. Trying to decide on the right time to fetch the neighbor man for some advice on putting it up and possibly getting some help.

I think I wrote this like two days ago.


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