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I am so sick of

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this rainy ass weather. We get a bit of rain then just clouds, then rain, then stops. Nothing is getting a chance to dry. I have brush and wood that needs to be burned, grass and weeding that needs to be done. Today was not supposed to rain. It already has. Supposed to be warm and partly sunny. slowing getting there.

I am in a foul state this morning. This mess with my caregivers has really gotten to me. I am just furious and they have been fired. So now I am networking for a new caregiver. In the mean time I am down to the last crumbs of my meds and no money to get any more. I am going to be miserable for a while. I mustn't look at it like that. I am setting myself up. I will be fine. I will survive. After all that is what I am good at, surviving. Not living mind you but just surviving.

Got my lawnmower up and running thanks to Brandon's help. Have called Miss Dig to get the lines marked so I know where I can put in stakes for the fencing. I attempted to put in one of the stakes for a corner post and it is going to be a lot of work pounding in thirty inch metal stakes. I can hear the hit echo through the neighborhood lol. Am hoping to get help.

I have still been going through things. That hasn't stopped, I have bags and boxes of stuff ready to go and more that needs going through. I have posted on craigslist a bunch of stuff for sale as one lot. All goes to one person for a price. Hoping that will work because I need some money.


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