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Made it through the day yesterday. Of course. Brandon missed his job interview and both of us were broken hearted. I started thinking...yeah don't hurt myself...and sometimes I get a feeling about things. How they happen and that they possibly happened for a reason. the whole mess with Cj's car breaking down just as I got home, thank God because I was out in the middle of nowhere and had considered taking the long way home but changed my mind right where my two turns were. Had I taken the long way I never would have made it home. And Brandon...I think he is going to get another opportunity so that he needs this time open for some reason. Maybe it is because my own car is broken down. I don't know but we have both recovered from a really poopy day.

I did find a ride for Jared's final GED test. I started crying when he came out with his cap and gown in his hand. We are both so relieved. He is graduating tonight.


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    Cool! I didn't know people with GEDs got caps and gowns because I didn't when I got mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funnylegs4
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    Cool! I didn't know people with GEDs got caps and gowns because I didn't when I got mine.

    The adult ed program that he was in is specialized, they can bend to any special needs a person has to help make sure that they graduate. The program director bought caps and gowns for all the graduate and they had their own private ceremony in the district auditorium with family. They recorded it and everything. It was great and the programs they offer are wonderful.

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