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Sick of this depressing

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rainy weather. And it hurts so bad with it constantly changing to rainy then sunny then rainy again. Reminds me that my ex use to call me the Michigan Weather Girl because my mood changes as fast as the Michigan weather. LOL yeah still brings a chuckle.

We are really struggling financially and next January I am going to lose another three hundred a month. How does a person live on 771 a month. I think I could do it if I didn't have a few credit cards. I think I will have to let them go. Stupid of me but each one helped in an emergency and I have been able to keep them paid off but the payment amount keeps going up. I don't get it. Maybe I am not understanding something.

Really wanted to start on the fence this weekend but it is supposed to be nasty for the next week. Catio is slow going but it is getting there. Put a new sensor dog door up. Not by instructions but it is up and that makes me happy. I ordered that large one in case I can foster bigger dogs. Now I need batteries for it that I can't afford yet lol. Going to try to at least put up lay lines and get a few posts holders in the ground. Still waiting on two gates and then everything will be here. That will be such a load off of my mind. The safety of the dogs will be a relief. As of now Dash goes where ever he pleases. Usually includes visiting the neighbor on each side of me. He is friends with one side dogs and the other has the killer dog and the pup.

I haven't seen my therapist in months. I will probably need to fill out paperwork to see her again. I can't see my ortho about my knees until the end of July. They told me to keep calling in case there are cancellations. I don't want to wait that long. I am in pain now. I know he will probably prescribe me some pain pills. For that I will be grateful.

I have two tons of laundry to do. I need to go back through my clothes and get rid of stuff that it super stained, that doesn't fit right, that I only wear if all my laundry is dirty. I am sure my laundry would be cut down to half.

Brandon and I have talked about quitting smoking. We roll our own and it is very messy. Especially Brandon, there is tobacco everywhere, yuck. We are both under such a huge amount of stress it just seems like one of the lesser problems.

Jared has passed three of his GED tests already. He has one more, the big one, math. I am praying for him as we both struggle with math. Then praise God we are done with school. At least I am lol. He can move on to a tech course.

I am growing my own MMJ. Got a hold of some seeds so I planted them and they are flourishing. Got a few months to wait but hopefully it will be worth it. Just hope I don't have to deal with spider mites again. They are insidious and hard to get rid of. I have a week and a half left of my banishment then I can go back to the club. I am socially retarded and the longer I am out of commission the less I feel like getting back out there. I think I could do with just myself as long as I have transportation. I don't need other people I just need nature and my animals. Peopling sucks.

Going to start looking into getting a job again. Stopped for a little while there. Want something I can do from home. I dread it though I would not mind going back into an answering service job. I enjoyed that. Working at the pet store I enjoyed that except for the pressure to sell animals to people who couldn't afford them.

Well it is Saturday here, one of my favorite days of the week. I have CJ's car because transmission will not shift. Fixable, torque converter. Easy check thank goodness now just to get the part and get it installed. That is the hard part.

Fostering is going well. Still have the semi feral Louise who has been very brave trying to come out of her room, little Odin we are keeping. Kripes that's three cats and two dogs. It's a wonder I have any room to foster. Once the fence goes up it will be so much easier.

I guess things are going well despite the finances which is really the worst part. If I could get my 2016 taxes paid off I would be so happy.


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