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Looks like I posted in the same color twice, wondered how long that would take LOL. Getting some music therapy this morning. Alexa is jammin' on CCR. I would say that CCR, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac and only a few others can I listen to their entire repertoire and not get tired of them. Got everyone fed which I must say has become much easier, my meds, some stuff picked up. Ready to go work outside, this will be one of our few and far between nice days.

I am so happy with the upped neurontin dosage in the a.m. I need to remember to call for psych appt and see about getting everything back up the way it was. Still need to see cardio and vein specialist. I don't know why but we had three appts this week and cancelled them all yesterday then my car died. Must have known. Poor brandon is more devastated than I am. He feels like it was his fault because he was driving.

I got ahold of some MMJ seeds out of some flower that I acquired and have planted them. Looks like one is coming up. I had about ten seeds but I have no idea how many will be viable. I will have to look it up lol. I coulda just planted a whole bunch of seeds that have one good one. One is better than none. Just went out to the back fence and got some work done. Hurting so resting until B is ready to help. His demands lol. I am going to bring my swing into the back catio and find some shelf supports for shelving for the cats. Maybe it will keep them off the screens.

Well I guess that is it.


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