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Well so much for starting this blog to help me do better with my life. I would say nothing has improved and while I had good intentions I am just too lazy and pain wracked. The pain depresses me severely. I cry often because it is frustrating, because it makes me angry, because it seems unfair, because it seems ridiculous that a person should find pain in the stupidest of places on the human body. Right now my left shoulder muscle hurts from a shot I got last Thursday, right into my trigger point. Still waiting to hear from pain management going to get back injections and some trigger point injections.

I have all I need for my fence, now it is just a matter of getting it up. Brandon is off so he can help he says it will give him something to do. Yeah that will go over for the first post. I have been perusing YouTube to get an idea of how to install it. I think I am good. Now I just need a few people.

Missed my mom really bad yesterday morning when I got up. I dream about her often and unfortunately it often includes conflict. Guess cause my mom and I both were always screwing something up. We got along great in real life lol.


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