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today prominses

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to be warm and cloudy possible rain. Felt a little better yesterday. Got my nortriptyline back which helps my fibro. I always forget how much until I am without it. Have been double dosing my Neurontin in the a.m. and saving my single dose for the p.m. It seems to help some of my foot and leg pain.

Went to the doctor which really is a useless visit. All they can do is write general scripts and give out referrals. He does absolutely nothing for me unless it is something simple that a GP would take care of. I would like to get out of a state run clinic. I want to get into a private practice. I have an appt to see my ortho I know he will give me some pain pills for my knees.

Going to get my tags for my car today and Jared's ID. He needs that for school. He has already taken one of the GED tests and did even better than he did on the practice test. He will graduate on time I believe. How wonderful for him. I know everybody has a graduation party and while I would like to do that for him it is not something I can afford. Maybe take him somewhere special.

I am ready to start putting up my fence but I have to come up with $50 for the permit which I don't have. It is mud season perfect for fence installation. I don't have it.


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