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Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day out then again it is only sunrise. I hate this whole time change. It is dark for so long now when I get up. Spring is here. The snow for the most part is gone. Brandon helped me clean out my car and pick up all the little bits of trash that had been blown around the neighborhood and froze in my yard. Been terribly windy here lately, had my trashcans tip a couple times and I think my pizza and doughnut boxes blew in the neighbor's yard. Along with all three of my trash cans lol. I texted them an apology and promised to do better. If my garage door was fixed I would just put it in there. They sent me the usual if we need any help to let them know. They are very kind. Have offered their help many times. I think some of it stems from the fact that their dog killed mine. Hell and yet I still cry over it. My poor Brody, and the horrible guilt that had he been on lead or if I had not said anything and just let them come none of it would have happened. My heart still hurts, I keep seeing it in my head.

These same neighbors got a puppy and she tried to bring it over to visit, I think it gets no socialization, it was scared and did fear barking and wanted nothing to do with us. She had one of those goddamned prong collars on that baby and when I saw it I actually gasped, I was so flabbergasted that I didn't even think to say anything. She didn't notice but when I see them again I am going to say something. That baby should be in a harness not a prong choker. Just terrible. They are making a copy of the dog they have now kept in a cage all day.

I did open my Acorn account so all of my round ups are going in an account. I have a real time account and then I have a secondary account that I can put money in here and there for what they call retirement. So every once in a while I am slipping like $5 in that. It shows me what type of investment my money is in and then shows me the companies that are in that category that I am invested in. I am going to try my hardest to just leave those alone. I have it set to round up to the next dollar but if that becomes a budget buster I can do lower. I have not switched over to my Aspiration account yet. I am kind of leery because that means I have to change where my SSI goes which would no longer be my bank and they do checks right now so all my payments would take a couple of days to register. I don't think I like that. It's still so new, they are taking preorders for their card.

Garbage man is going to hate us this week again. Been cleaning the basement and have lots of stuff that needs to go out.

Going to call this week and try to get some missed appts in order. Mostly my pain management. My back is killing me. Then my knees, my left pops almost every time I take a step. I wish there was something I could do about my feet and ankles. Doctors would just suggest more injections and doing my knees is hard enough I don't think I could do feet injections again and I can't imagine what an ankle shot would feel like.

I keep forgetting that I need to bring my Gazelle in. I have stuff that has to be moved before it can come in and it goes in the basement but right now there is no place for it lol. I have stuff everywhere down there.

I have decided to give up on the game night so all my games are going in the basement where they will be out of the way but still accessible. Maybe they will be used sometime.

Skies are still clear, have picked up the house here and there. Animals have all been fed and out to do their thing. Have been letting Bella out in the mornings, she stays right close to the house and goes in and out of the patio to romp in the sun. She has been out for her last time and she will ask to be let in and she will be in for the rest of the day.

I'm out.


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