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Running out of fonts to try lol. Sun is blazing for a second morning. Lovely, it is warm. Our weather is about to be funky again. Need to check the barometric pressure cause I have been working on a bit of migrainey feeling. Yeah that's not a word. And my trapezius is in fits. Meds are all good. Been working on this lethargy that I have going. I put off the speutering until next month because I didn't want to sit in a car with no heat while I waited to trap four ferals in the freezing cold. Not good for them or me. So next month and I will pray no one gets pregnant. AAA will terminate but I do not want to terminate a pregnancy that is far along. I just can't. I will keep the mama, let her have her babies, make sure they are not feral and rehome them and set her back where she belongs.

I have been banned from the club. Temporarily. My friend says that just to give it time then beg for forgiveness. Over them stupid plants. I even gave them back. Worse out of the whole thing is I got the friend/vendor banned also. I feel terrible. I am going to write a letter instead of waiting. I feel too bad about the whole thing. All was financial driven. It was stupid and inexcusable. An abuse of my privilege. I wrote my letter cause it was weighing on me. No telling how long they are going to punish me. I will wait. It is worth it.

Things are starting to smooth out financially. I am getting into the rhythm of when each bill is due and trying to make my payments at the beginning of the month so that it is when I get paid. Brandon's dad's child support to me is done. about 260 a month in money gone. Looking into ecommerce. Trying to find a way to make some money. Yes I am obsessed. There are a couple home jobs but I don't do over the phone sales. Maybe tech support or records keeping. I wish I could work for Shipt or Uber or something.

Still have all the same fur babies. Skyler's soon to be brother hurt his back so adoption is on hold until he is better.

Got Jared's paperwork all filled out for adult ed. Now we have to get him an ID card. He is terrified of driving so won't let me teach him. He thinks he is going to learn from taking driver ed lolol, fooled him I plan to teach him and we will start by driving around the circle, just like every other kid learns to drive. I can't afford no drivers ed LOL.

I am liking that I am getting a routine down in the morning. Get up, dressed, take my meds, still making my bed, let the dogs out one at a time. Get my coffee and get online see what I missed over night. See if I can be of help anywhere, check my foster groups to see if there is anything I am supposed to be doing. Start my music and dance therapy while everyone gets their breakfast. Then I take care of the fosters which usually takes about half an hour, then I pick up the house and if there is a particular chore or two that needs to be done then I attempt an attack on whatever that is.

My water predicament of over five years is finally fixed, new softener, new water heater, new sump pump and relatively new well water diaphragm tank. Now I have to go down into the basement and start cleaning all over again. Only now I have moisture to contend with. So out to buy giant garbage bags for wet boxes and anything else I feel like throwing out.

I got approved for food stamps thank you Lord. $170 a month which really doesn't seem like a lot but it will be a Godsend for us. I can have fresh fruit an veggies in the house again. If I can keep up with the food banks I can keep fresh food and meat in the house and all my banks supply the sides and extras.

I called just on the off chance that I might have foodstamps already and not only do I have March's they back paid me a little cause of when I originally filed. So I believe we will be okay there. I just reallly need to quit with the eating out. Both Jared and I are losing a little weight because I have cut back so much. Now we just need to cut back on the sweets and pop.

I am smoking a joint as I write this and I just got a head rush and the most wonderful warmth spread from my lower back radiating out to my head and my feet and I realize nothing hurts. For a few glorious moments nothing hurts. It is wonderful. Basking in it, the sun is shining in the patio door right on me and I am alone in the house for most of the day and then, yep there it is, that head achey feeling I have been getting and my trapezius.

I have been slowly working on the basement. It is starting to smell musty so those carpets have to come up. Have boxes that need to be torn down. Gonna turn on some music and work on that today. It is late and everybody needs to be fed so off I go.


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