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Finally a little bit

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of sun here and there. Pretty cold but the sunrises have been beauties and I get a bit of it coming in the patio doors, was standing out in it yesterday morning in front of the vet office wishing they would hurry up and open the doors lol. I have no clue whether or not I mentioned it here but I have noticed this year that the winter sun feels warmer than it use to and I have also noticed that the snow melts faster when the sun is out. Use to be that if there was snow on the ground and it was cold the blazing sun was of no help but this year I have noticed that is not always the case this season. I have mentioned it to other people and had a few know just what I was talking about and others that had not noticed but I know they will now.

I managed to find a loophole in the still yet to be regulated medical marijuana laws and got a friend to give me two plants which is allowed. I can possess but can not purchase, like that makes any sense. I can purchase MMJ and concentrates at a dispensary though. Yep that's how far they haven't come lol. That has until at least 2020 before anything is really set in stone and I am sure there will be tweaking. Anywhere the government can get their grimy hands on it, or I should say keep their grimy hands on it.

I still have the four ferals. I am going to spend more time with them. I think the babies can be rehabbed. They are getting more comfortable with me and are letting me close and sometimes enough to pet them just a little with no hissing or swatting. Hoping to find them a place soon they are hogging up my foster room and I have four ferals coming this week by thursday for their speutering. Finally after these ferals I will b e done with them for a while. Just need to try to keep maintenance of the colony I have.

Financial situation is looking bleak as usual but I have gotten some important things taken care of. Some of Jared's school stuff will be getting done tomorrow. He is entering the GED program. Class setup will be tomorrow just praying I can keep gas in the car enough to get him there. Thank God they are in the evening, I hadn't realized how in the back of my head the transportation thing was going to become an issue, because B uses my car in the day to go to work until he can get his own, until I saw the schedule and saw they were evening classes. I started sobbing and thanking God as soon as I saw it. Pitiful.

Keeping the house relatively clean for the most part, I super cleaned before the party that wasn't and am trying to maintain the status quo. Had yet another water leakage incident in the basement. Got B all moved in down there and one morning he woke to two inches on the floor almost everywhere. Sump pump quit working. Had to open a credit card back up to get a new one. Thank God for that also. So CJ is to switch them out today and I am going to start bagging crap up. If it hadn't been for the last flood most of everything would be wet but I got all the important stuff up off the floor last time. all the more than ancient carpet remnants are history. That stuff has been down there since I was young and is paper thin. Garbage now.

Well I guess I am good for today. Jared has a psych appt today. Getting a ride for that from MTA through our insurance

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Chris is babbling again.


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