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looking for a job working from home. There are all kinds of ways to make money online, doing surveys, registering receipts, playing online scratch offs. I have probably over $20 spread out over like 5 different apps. Unfortunately you can't get any of your money until you reach a certain amount. I have opened an Acorn account. It rounds up your spending to the next dollar and takes that change and invests it for you. It has gotten some excellent reviews so I am going to try it. I have also opened an Aspiration account which gives

  • Cash back rewards on every purchase you make
  • Bonus rewards for spending at socially-conscious businesses
  • Never pay another ATM fee
  • Your deposits donít fund fossil fuel projects.
  • Up to 2.00% APY interest on the entire balance in your Save account
  • Unlimited, immediate transfers between your Spend account and your Save account
  • You choose your own monthly fee
  • We commit to give 10% of our earnings to charity
  • Cell phone protection insurance1
  • Identity fraud expense reimbursement1
  • Deposits FDIC Insured* up to $250,000

Shoot lost which font I was using. Anyway I want to try this and see how it works. IF it is something I can afford.

It's cold here and I am sick of the weather. Only good thing is that the dogs don't want to go out for long lol.

I have the four ferals still in my foster room but they have a great setup and they are warm and fed. They have been speutered and vetted. I would love on them if they would let me lol. Ripley is named correctly she is the most feral of them. In a crate by herself. I have put two together so she can be comfortable and have room, she is just vicious. Poor thing. Probably can't wait to be set free. Rescue is still looking for a barn. There is one the clinic estimated to be less than eight months old and I have considered working with him. He is the bravest of the three black ones crated together. He hisses a little but has never swatted or tried to attack me, even let me touch him with gloved fingers.

My finances are in a shamble. Have been without half my income so everything is behind. I fear my credit is going to take a nose dive. Have been thinking about filing bankruptcy.


  1. funnylegs4's Avatar
    My friend tried making money this way and got about $50 dollars all together in one day so I hope it helps your situation. :)

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