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so called bomb in

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Michigan's weather is a joke. Even the weather channels are making climate change noises and the asshole and all his asshole tagalongs continue to deny it because it is not profitable to change things. I am so confused. They want money and it is there to be had it is just a matter of switching your investments. Getting rid of fossil fuels, invest in electric cars, solar power, wind power, hydro power, shoot they already have all those oil derricks out there they could switch them over to use the water to produce energy, marijuana as in hemp and all the wonderful things it could provide. Instead they know they are going to be dead soon and won't have to worry about the nature of their mistakes. I believe my acorn account allows me to invest in legitimate marijuana industry trades I thought I saw an option when I was browsing through.

saw a cat on FB that is in Grayling Animal Control that needs a home. He is big and beautiful, mostly white with some black here and there. Blue eyes, just gorgeous. I want him. I have considered asking the head of the rescue I am working with if we can take him on.


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