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Snow is gone. Only took two days. I am totally stumped, first we get the so called polar vortex with a state of emergency and a few days later all the snow is gone and we are in a warm front. Does this not scare people?

Not getting anything done but the bare minimum. Am wondering if my foster work is taking away from my work around the house. I spend all morning combing the rescues for needed help and posting about my fosters trying to get them adopted that next thing I know it is afternoon and i have done nothing. My brain is just full. Tired, back to crying about my pain levels and money situation.

Slacking off on doc visits i need to get back to getting my followups scheduled. Brandon has been here on and off, mostly on lately, and my house is a sty. I don't understand him, when he is at home he cleans up, when he lived at his gma's he was clean but here he is a total slob. I am tiring of it quickly.

Just blah and sad and anxious.


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