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Merry Christmas

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Have been up since five, woke too soon. Instead of spending the day brooding about being broke and alone I spent Christmas Eve doing two of the things I love. Time at the club with friends then a quick hop to the bar with my bestie. Yes she is a snob, often selfish, but she is Princess to my Queen and I love her. I had two drinks, I don't know how many she had but when I got her home she was falling down drunk, then sobbing about the state of her life and how unhappy she was. I comforted her best I could, held her while she sobbed which she was still doing when I left. Thinking back I should have stayed the night with her. I could have. A good friend would have since I had no obligation to hurry home. Nah. She is a big girl, life lesson on humility and the cruelties of the world. She has been knocked off her blind pedestal. I feel terrible for her. I was there just not so long ago.

Still have my foster Skyler. Going to have him rechecked for microchip, AAA didn't find one but I just read an article on them failing or moving in the body so we may do it again. She swears he has one and is waiting to hear back from his original vet.

Did something serious to my feet. It hurts so bad to walk. I was rubbing the tops of them underneath the dining table legs and was doing it quite aggressively the other night out of tension and stopped when I realized what I was doing and the next day I could barely walk. It is taking forever to get better. This is the third day and still taking mincing steps. Nothing is taking the pain away, going to look for the Icy Hot here shortly and try that.

Met with Jared's program head and he informed Jared that all he wanted was an hour a day of work done and he could stay in the program and do adult ed through them when time comes. I am going to have to go back to reminding him again. I am once again stressing about that because if he fails this they will take away my child support. I will not have it for much longer anyway. Right now I need all I can get. Dear God I dread the thought of having to go back to work.

Yeah about that i have been asking about that and have two places maybe three that I think I could do. Two are dispensaries where I will be up and down and one is driving for MTA. I don't know how I would do though sitting in a car for hours at a time. The riding wouldn't be too bad if I had stops where I could get out for a minute or two.

The New Year, one week and I want to quit smoking again. I do not feel the mindset that I need to be in for this. I don't know what I could do to attack this aggressively, notes on the walls? I think I may do that. Will have to use tape instead of post its.

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Chris is babbling again.


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    Merry Christmas! :)

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