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been really funky. Warmish, the ground isn't even totally frozen. There is no snow though we are slated for snow on Christmas Even. That may have changed by now lol. Can't predict the weather here.

I have my Christmas decor up and almost all the presents wrapped. No tree thanks to the kitten and my bad judgement in buying a fake tree. Not even worth the fifteen dollars. They had a few of them so am thinking they were heavily discounted and they bought a lot of them and resold.

I am still reeling over CJ and the new baby. He swore he told me a few months back but seems as though I would remember something like that. Jared never even said anything. I got a damn Facebook message telling me from his mother. I started crying for some ridiculous reason when he was here a couple days ago and he made some comments regarding the baby. Not sobbing but a few tears escaped. He asked me why, I just told him I was okay and let it be. Sad part is that I am dying to hold the baby. LMAO. Okay really any baby. I would totally baby sit for the baby. I still have not ever spoken to his girlfriend. She did wave at me one day but I think it was more of a familiar response to the situation at the time. Almost like reflex.

I have found a new caregiver, just a matter of signing over the paperwork and getting that new card. Hopefully won't take long. I am getting an excellent deal and they are really interested in addressing some of my medical issues directly. Trying some RSO and other things, at this point I am mainly treating the mental issues, my IBS, migraines and the burning I get in my feet with the hybrid mix of THC and CBD. He wants to keep that but try some more concentrated things to try and target my pain.

My pain has just been ridiculous. My knees and my feet are in a great deal of pain. After Christmas when I have my living room back we can move that Gazelle in. I desperately need the exercise but my pain keeps me less mobile. I miss walking the property.

Trapping ferals next week. Gonna get them use to the traps throughout the beginning of the week then trap Thursday so they can go in Friday morning.

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Chris is babbling again.


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