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This will be the year without a christmas tree. Chunk won't stop climbing it and I am not putting my precious decorations on a tree for him to destroy. So I can get rid of this fake tree and we will try again next year with a real tree. I think he will be older and a real tree harder to climb into so we will forgo the tree this year. I will make my charlie brown tree pretty.

My list of things to do fluctuates though always at the tip top is the quitting smoking. I think I am going to wait until the new year and set my sights on Jan. 1st.

I realized yesterday during one of my depressive moments that I am going through a dry drunk phase. I am addicted to pop and fast food that I can't afford. I have to stop. I don't have the money and the physical effects are not good. I have stopped wearing my compression socks because they hurt my ankles and the tops of my lower legs where the tops of the socks go. Will mention it to the vein institute doc.

My car is broken down again. Told I am to go no farther than 2 mile radius. Hopefully fixed this weekend. Fortunately my ferals are within that range and I will be going out to them today with some more straw. got another neighbor to help out. She too has been feeding them and has a small dog house I can stuff with straw for a warming bed. Had to put trapping and speutering on hold until weekend after Christmas.

Did all my shopping online. Only bought for the boys. Well, and mystic and joyce and pam and her man. It was so easy, thank God for Amazon. They approved me for their credit card so that is where I did all of my xmas shopping. so there is another monthly payment I have that I can't afford. I am going to have to stop buying fast food and wasting money to make sure I get everything paid off. Living beyond my means and need to get under control.

I have considered claiming bankruptcy but when I go to take care of taxes they keep telling me I am lucky I have not claimed bankruptcy, something to do with my ownership in the house.

I spent yesterday morning on the phone trying to get caught up on Doc appts. We have missed a few so I needed to reschedule them plus my car being broke down.

It's funny how many times I used BT to get a fix on the date that something happened in the past. I just go through some of my posts and get an idea of what happened when. I have been here so long. For some reason I feel like the first time I came here was the late 90s then I went into rehab and didn't puter for a while then came back in 2000 something. Wonder if I can find out.


  1. funnylegs4's Avatar
    Better to keep animals away from Christmas trees. They can try to swallow ornaments and choke on them. Ever see the show "My Dog Ate What?" ?
  2. houghchrst's Avatar
    my animals are real good about not eating stuff, even the kitten but I still am not putting one up this year. I don't feel like cleaning up the mess. I have gotten a few good ideas about how to keep the animals away that I will try next year. No I have never seen that bet it's scary yet comical.

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