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Well danged

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If I did not get any laundry done. Instead I got about a half a dozen other things done and by then my knees were blown out. I went out and got the stuff for my ferals and some desperately needed shopping done. so after that I didn't get to my ferals. thank God I don't have to go out Christmas shopping. Got it done online thanks to Amazon.

This fostering and animal saving sure is hard. It is heartbreaking and makes you hate people but there are so many heroes out there from all walks of life that make it tolerable. So many sweet furry hearts finding great, safe homes. I took straw to an elderly disabled man Thursday, his neighbor man was concerned about his little dog and contacted one of the FB groups I belong to, and I gave him my card and told him to call me if he needs anything, vetting, rides to the doctor anything. He got sick and his doctors told him to stay inside. Unfortunately he is old fashioned and believes dogs should be outside animals. Am going to see if he is amenable to an animal outreach group to come out and they will be checking on him and his dog, get the dog a longer tie out, make his house warm, educate the man on vetting and help him get it, take the dog stuff to chew on, no rawhide that stuff is nasty. Basically they will attempt to brainwash him into making his dog an inside dog lol. Which is a good thing. I will try to stop by there today and ask him and I will talk to his neighbor and see what I can do to help him do some TNR, send out the outreach group to him also.

This was written on Friday.

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Chris is babbling again.


  1. funnylegs4's Avatar
    I know what you mean about fostering...its hard to see how heartless people are to living creatures. I hope that man brings his dog inside.

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