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Brown, decided it is a brown day. 6:30 not too early especially since I went to be at 7:30. Wow was I wiped out. Had been up since 4:30 a.m. and no nap. Put up with Brandon crying starting bright and early. Jen has threatened to keep the kids away from him. The whole thing is just sad neither know how to adult when it comes to a relationship. They both act petty. I shouldn't complain, many of us go into panic mode when a relationship ends. I know I did.

I seem to have adopted and become part caregiver to a colony of feral cats. They need shelter, vetting and some warm homes for the winter. The man that is feeding them has been generous enough to continue to feed them and help me care for them on his property. I do need to talk to other neighbors and continue to get their help.

Pulled a real rookie move yesterday, got the man to catch the sick kitten and I wrapped him in a blanket and it was like trying to corral a large moving angry snake. I was stressing him out even worse so I let him go, unfortunately I was standing next to the open door of my car and he darted in. He kept bashing his poor little head on the windows trying to get out. Had to open the car doors. That man must think I am a lunatic lol. Won't happen again, plan to put my carrier in my car. Will go next Tuesday and pick up traps then put them out on the weekend.

Game night was a bust. I have decided that these people that I had considered friends for so long aren't really. The person I thought was my best friend I have been thinking about over the last year or two that really she has not been. Sure we shoot the breeze and get caught up with each other, cry on each other's shoulders occasionally over the years but there have been times when I really needed her and she could not be counted on. I have always thought her a bit self centered. We both are when it comes to some things and yes I admit that I have always been a bit jealous of her, she knows. But I believe if it came right down to it I don't think I can count on her. The party anyway, wound up being just 6 of us and we played Cards Against Humanity which describes itself as being "A Party Game For Horrible People". Yes it is an adult game for those who have sick minds, have to get over talking dirty, and if you love dirty jokes this is a game for you. My 17yr old bought it for himself, I was appalled to say the least. I had no idea. Due to the level of respect I demand in my house my 17yr old could not even read some of the cards that were played. We laughed like demented children, players went from ages 17 up to 65. Had a blast. Made myself a drink and didn't even finish it. I saw pictures on Facebook the next day and saw where some of my friends were at the bar the night before. One who couldn't find a sitter and another, my bestie, at the bar with a friend I haven't seen in a long time. Yep I am hurt. I have heard from others privately that they were sorry they missed it and a couple let me know ahead of time that they couldn't make it. I am having another but am only inviting some people. I am going to wait until the holidays are over and I don't give two figs whether my house is spic and span for these people like I did this time, hurting myself in the process and still recovering. I need to send a special thanks to Joyce and Mystic for hanging around.

Jared is now a half brother again to a bouncing baby boy. His dad's fifth child. Ridiculous. Men are so careless. He doesn't even see three of his kids. Almost 18 years after Jared he has three babies. Makes me sick and I don't know why. Maybe cause he is happy and I'm not. Probably.

I did get them fridge shelves cleaned. House needs to be picked up but it is clean. Have gotten all the clothes out of my room and to basement now I need to attack them. Holiday (thanksgiving) decor is up, my giant turkey blow up is in the front yard. I am the only one in the neighborhood who has anything like it LOLOL. Yeah it's kind of tacky, I love it.


  1. funnylegs4's Avatar
    Thanks for trying to help the cat. Happy Thanksgiving!

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