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Haven't been keeping up. The house is not really suffering but that is about as far as things get. Almost like trying to change things in my life has caused me as much if not more stress and anxiety than if I were stop trying so hard and just let it come naturally instead of trying to force it. And good lord let's throw guilt in there. Guilt at not getting things done when I think they should be done. I almost wish I had a daily schedule and do such and such at this time, right on through the day. Like a life coach screaming in my ear to do this. Maybe I shouldn't make a list, maybe I should just do one thing. Pick one thing to get done today, today I will do.......laundry. I am down to the dregs of my drawers. There not so hard.

Going to have to go back in for knee injections. They are hurting me something fierce. Kept me awake night before last. Don't know how to phrase that because it is two in the a.m. Yes that would be right. Am going back to bed after I finish my tea.

New foster dog. He is weiner dog but looks like a tootsie roll so he is on a diet. He is so sweet mannered. I can't believe he is a rescue return because their granddaughter got snapped at while she was messing with his food. The poor thing is almost 11 years old. Just hurts my heart. Going today to check on my ferals. Try to take some food out. See if I can get three traps today. Must remember to call CARE and see if they will help with taking care of vetting.

Going back to bed it is ridiculous that I am up at this time.


  1. funnylegs4's Avatar
    The Foster dog sounds adorable! Maybe you can name the dog Tootsie? I find lists and notes to myself to be effective but please don't beat yourself up too much over that stuff.

    Thanks again for the comment on my post! I replied back. :)

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