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Getting up

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at five seems to be the thing these days. That's what I get for going to bed at eight thirty last night lol. Jared it in the shower, he sleeps all day and stays up all night. I am going to try to get him to take his sleep meds at night, maybe at midnight and see if he can get to bed sooner. Then he will sleep sooner hopefully. I am too lax on him. He does what he wants, has a truancy letter from the school and this is online learning. He is on the damn computer all day he could at least do some work. I have been doing this struggle for twenty years. Trying to get my boys through school has been an uphill battle for all this time and I am tired. He is old enough to know better but I may be using that as an excuse to give up the fight. He too seems to have given up the fight but he is far too intelligent to waste it. All he had to do was slog through until February.

I have these wonderful compression socks. Second day and already I hate them, they are a pain to get on. I am really hoping it will alleviate some of my ankle and foot pain. See if it has been a venous issue. Only problem is they are tight at the ankle and that in itself hurts. One pair every ninety days, whaaaat?, I'm supposed to wear the same socks for three months. The script called for two pair but I guess my insurance wouldn't cover it.

My foster might possibly have a broken leg so taking her to the vet today for an xray. Poor baby has been miserable.


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