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Seems so long

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Got up at 6 today, I'm okay with that. Still getting my routine done, yay for me as my therapist would say. Making sure I get a little bit of housework done here and there keeps me satisfied. After Brennifer left the house was always relatively clean then I started slacking off, depression maybe. My bedroom has not been thoroughly cleaned in 4 years. So little here in one room, little there in another. As long as I know I am doing.

Need to check my original list again,

Clean and purge bedroom and get rid of some clothes.
Clean and purge bathroom and bathroom closets.
Jared's room clean, purge and rearrange, reattach closet doors
Clean and purge storage containers in kitchen cabinet.
Wash fridge shelves.
Clean and purge game closet
Dust basement.
Wash all odd sundries, rugs, blankets, pillows.
Clean garage.
Garbage and boxes out of basement.
Clean freezer room of basement.
Go through stuff in basement and purge.
Make a list of life changing things I want to start.

Number one is in process, 2 is done, 5 is almost done, 6 is pretty much done and 8 is done and 13 I believe is done. Okay so I am making progress at a snail's pace lol.

Found out that I have venous insufficiency when I went to the cardio last week. No Thrombosis so far. Prescribed some compression socks. Still need to pick the dang things up. Also to go to the Michigan Vein Institute for what will probably be a round of more testing ugh. I am hoping that that's the reason for the pain in my legs and ankles and from what I have read that is usually resolved depending on the procedure. Feet will never be healed, too much damage, that doc said they could do surgery to fix my feet but that doesn't mean I would be pain free. Forget it.

Finally made it to the Club for their Halloween party. Everybody misses me. That is nice to know, that I am in someone's thoughts when I am not there, at least someone who is not my Dachshund lol. I had a good time.

I am all through with this CJ using my car for work. I pretty much just let him have it and get it when I need it. That should all be done within the next two weeks. I will be glad. I keep thinking I need to run out and do this or that then remember oh no I can't.

Also time to pick a new quit date. I was thinking monday but I am not mentally prepared, hyped up about it. Maybe can work on that this weekend.

Slowly taking down Halloween decorations, gonna put up Thanksgiving stuff. Hopefully my giant blowup turkey still works. He is the gaudiest thing, he is huge and has multicolored lights in him, I am sure the neighbors appreciate my festiveness lol. I also have a Mickey Mouse blowup that holds a sign saying happy thanksgiving, that one is new, totally forgot I had it until late last winter.

I am fostering again. A beauty that was abandoned when her family moved. She has an injury and the man that saved her and brought her to me and I are waiting to hear on donation for a vet visit. Her name is Maddie. Very sweet probably confused and worried about her missing family.

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