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whoo is it early

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I for some reason have awoken at an ungodly hour of 2:15 and was wide awake. Am I getting that old person's thing of waking early then having to go back to bed because it is too frackin' early. I think I will start making me a cup of tea when I get up like this instead of drinking coffee. I have a ton of different teas and I bought me a beautiful new tea pot at the Salvation Army store. I originally bought it because I am pretty sure that there is a coffee press somewhere in my brothers stuff thing is that I went and looked at what I could but so much of my wood from my projects is in front of his dresser which is where I suspect the the press to be and it is a dang project to make a place to move it to.

I have a bunch of scrap to take in and need a bunch of stuff done to get it out of here. Futon, backyard metal shed, well water tank, is a big one, water heater, three non working vacuum cleaners, some cords and I think that is it. I will need to look up how much I can get a ton. Shoot even if it is $20 I would be happy.

Well I am winding down, it is almost 6:30 and am getting ready to go back to bed and get my few more hours. I go see my cardio today and hope he takes me off of some of these meds and mostly that my last test came out well. scan of my legs to check for blockages. I also got another letter from my doc saying they need to see me. WTH I was just in there. Guess I will find out. have to make a damn appt. again!!

this was actually tuesday

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Chris is babbling again.


  1. funnylegs4's Avatar
    Hope the cardiologist visit goes well. I like ginger tea or tea with a fruit taste if I can't sleep :)

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