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Another Saturday. Things are getting better. I am getting things done, purging here and there. Meds still stable. Fixed the bathroom sink, sort of, so now at least the cold water works. Much more conducive to morning teeth brushing and put the water pik back in there where it belongs. Finally got the bathroom done. Threw out five shopping bags of trash, old meds, stuff that never gets used, bottles with a little conditioner or minuscule amounts of product in them. It's that emergency mode part of my brain, keeping it in case we run out. We have been lucky and have not had to use them. Back in the day those little bits were precious, guess I have not completely grown out of being dirt poor.

Going to a friend's surprise party. He has been down and his health has not been all that great so his girlfriend has asked for my help to get old friends together to surprise him. I have gotten help from friends to do that but that is the extent of my help. I tend to take too much on and it is not my responsibility to monitor this party. Am there as just a friend. She asked for my help because I was nice to her and had her at my party. She feels awkward because she is the new girlfriend after an almost 30 yr relationship on his side with another of our friends. I feel no animosity just a mild sense of awkwardness. We have kind of let his ex go her own way and only see her on FB. That's seems odd in itself considering she was always there with him for 30yrs. Kripes am I that old? Has it really been thirty years. Okay 25. Still long time.

Funny how my time perception and recall is based on three things, when I was born, when I had my kids, and the time I spent with CJ. Easy math.

Well it is five o'clock in the morning, Jared is just getting in the shower to go to bed. He has been up all night on the computer. Reading mostly. I have been up since three fifteen, tossed and turned most of the night and finally got sick of it. I can't stay up I have stuff to do today so napping later is almost out of the question. CJ to work, come home make something as a dish to take, thinking baked beans and franks, shower and get ready for the party.

I have no clue what to wear. Dress up, dress down. Think I'll wash my club sweater again and wear my Dab O' Ween shirt. Little bit of jewelry and make up to dress it up. I have invited everyone back here if they do not want to stay at the bar for the party, at least here drinking is free. They won't let us bring in any booze. I am thinking we are all getting too old and many will go home after being at the bar for maybe two hours then some back here for more relaxed environment, those who didn't want to make it out to the bar will be able to come to the party. Then again I am hoping that everyone will just go home lol. I will be tired. Maybe suggest to Crystal that since there will be so few people that they may be able to go back to her house.

Still using the Gazelle but have stopped experimenting with the different ways to use and for now start easier until I get use to it. The lubricant is cold with it being on the patio and I am thinking that makes a difference. I like to go out when Dash goes out and the sun is blazing through the trees onto the patio. I can remember being a little girl and spending the night with my grandparents in this house and getting up one morning and the sun was shining so brightly in the patio doors I could barely open my eyes and thinking that it was beautiful. Wearing my grandpa's t shirt for a nightgown despite having brought my own jammies. He was tall and very slender so it worked perfectly. There are so many good memories in this house, that is why I couldn't let it go. I was meant to be here ever since I was a little girl my mom talked about my living here when I got older, even as she was dying we discussed it.

My last foster left Tuesday morning for her forever home. She basically went to a rescue that takes in dying and feral cats. Poor Diamond has feline Leukemia, I cried many times while givin her lovins' knowing that she was not feeling well and that some ignorant human had abandoned her. She was terrified the entire time she was here though I did manage to coax some love out of her. Touch her cheek and she melts into my hand and she slobbers and snorts saliva bubbles out her nose when she purrs, the funniest thing. She is a dark Calico. She and her sister were caught together and are considered a bonded pair, only problem there was that her sister Cytrine tested negative so they had to separate them. They are both distraught from being separated. We hope Cytrine tests negative again in February but if she tests positive they will get to be together again. She is also a Calico but has more orange in her fur than her sister. She took the brunt of the injuries when they were thrown from the car and has lost a foot but animals are resilient.

Yay my water is working and the old steel plumbing has been replaced. He did a great job even if it did take a couple tries. Now to get my water softener hooked up. That shouldn't be so hard. Just a simple line run. Issue is when exactly he is going to get it done.

Jared has given me permission, smh, to foster again after a week break. Taking in Cytrine, see if I can work with her to get her to be personable, it will be easier to adopt her out if she is negative and friendly. Right now she is scared and stuck in a big dog crate in a little room under some stairs waiting for a place to go. Seems cruel but she went from being hurt, cold, and hungry to a vet, a warm room and fresh food and love if she'll take it.

Okay I am obviously lonely because i have gone on far too long, somebody stop me.


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