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  1. Seems so long

    Got up at 6 today, I'm okay with that. Still getting my routine done, yay for me as my therapist would say. Making sure I get a little bit of housework done here and there keeps me satisfied. After Brennifer left the house was always relatively clean then I started slacking off, depression maybe. My bedroom has not been thoroughly cleaned in 4 years. So little here in one room, little there in another. As long as I know I am doing.

    Need to check my original list again,


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    Chris is babbling again.
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  2. whoo is it early

    I for some reason have awoken at an ungodly hour of 2:15 and was wide awake. Am I getting that old person's thing of waking early then having to go back to bed because it is too frackin' early. I think I will start making me a cup of tea when I get up like this instead of drinking coffee. I have a ton of different teas and I bought me a beautiful new tea pot at the Salvation Army store. I originally bought it because I am pretty sure that there is a coffee press somewhere in my brothers stuff thing ...

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    Chris is babbling again.
  3. TGIS?

    Another Saturday. Things are getting better. I am getting things done, purging here and there. Meds still stable. Fixed the bathroom sink, sort of, so now at least the cold water works. Much more conducive to morning teeth brushing and put the water pik back in there where it belongs. Finally got the bathroom done. Threw out five shopping bags of trash, old meds, stuff that never gets used, bottles with a little conditioner or minuscule amounts of product in them. It's that emergency mode part of ...
  4. Another Sunday

    Need to quit smoking again. If I can just get through what they call the first stage which is usually the first three or four days it gets easier. I need to put up my post it notes but this wall paint is not conducive to those sticking so I will have to try scotch tape. All my reasons for quitting smoking. The gum really does help. Do I keep saying that? Feels like I keep saying that, maybe trying to convince myself.

    Going to try to get to the bathroom today. Want to go through some

    Updated 10-23-2018 at 07:46 AM by houghchrst

    Chris is babbling again.
  5. The sun is shining

    but it is freezing out there lol. Despite my anxiety constantly niggling at me I have been able to maintain a decent mood. Not really depressed, mentally exhausted cause my brain doesn't shut up. constantly reminding me of all the things I am not doing and those that need to be done. I am thinking it is time to start entertaining the thought of some real meditation throughout the day. I can use the short breathing techniques for cigarette cravings and something more intense for those moments when ...

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