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  1. Just kinda

    felt like writing today. I haven't lately because I guess I have felt so insignificant when compared to what others have to go through. My troubles seem trivial in comparison. My mom would get on me for that. She always said that they may seem trivial but they are my troubles and therefore important to me.

    Had to give up the raise in Neurontin by my PM doc, made me super depressed, my psych doc has taken the script back over and I am back down to my therapeutic dose of 300 in a.m.

    Updated 07-06-2020 at 03:06 AM by houghchrst

    Chris is babbling again.
  2. Haven't been

    here in a bit. Seems like forever. I guess I haven't much to say. The topical I got seems to have maxed out it's ability to touch my pain. It is a relief but doesn't clear it. I guess nothing does. I would kill for a couple 10mg Percs. PT was cancelled and we are going directly to my MRI thank God. Had tele visits for my doc appts.

    This virus has me terrified. I have made arrangements for my animals if something should happen to me. I am also making arrangements for other things for
  3. Still working

    on my pain. As a topical the CBD oil works surprisingly well. I got cocky and got away from my muscle relaxer and acetaminophen and began to realize that it was helping a little as back up. One sample session of PT and for two days I felt it. Not muscle workout wise but actual flare up of past pain.

    At this point I am going to call my primary care doctor and ask if I should even be going out to PT with the corona virus going around. The mayor has called for a shelter in place order
  4. Color me impressed

    I am less than a week in and I am amazed at the effect of the CBD oil is having on my pain. I have been following the CBD regimen and it is working amazingly well. I no longer have to take my muscle relaxer in the mornings and the Acetaminophen is on an as needed basis. I sat on the edge of my bed last night and couldn't believe that I had to do a concentrated check to see what hurt. My feet as usual but my lower back pain is almost nonexistent at resting and upper back pain is reserved for that ...
  5. Later in the

    evening and decided to put down my new regiment. I was given some CBD oil by caregivers that have a chemist who makes their product. Their oil can be topical, put in a drink or food or put under the tongue. I have started a new regiment to try to combat the pain. They gave me an almost full sample bottle. They are small but go a long way. Only $25. She told me how to use it and how to supplement it with my arsenal. Soon as I open my eyes two drops under my tongue and put on back and neck where my ...
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