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  1. BrainTalk has enabled blogging!

    Truthfully this should have been done long ago. I wasn't a big fan of the built in blog feature and was looking for a third party add on that would be better. Then after awhile I forgot all about blogging. So now blogs are on and people will (hopefully) use them a lot or at least some of the time

    There's a thread in Forum Feedback for you to talk about the new feature. Here's the link,

    So have ...
  2. Coming to Terms with Disability in Our Family, Across Generations

    After my Dad passed away in 1975 following his third stroke, I was angry. Really, really angry. I would sit in church, look at Christ on the cross and fume, "why does everyone go on and on about YOUR suffering?! That was NOTHING compared to what my Dad endured!" All these years later, the anger has waned, but I still haven't come to terms with what happened back then. My father was too young. He was from a generation that abhorred dependency, so he suffered great humiliation. I ...
  3. Making Friends With Solitude: Learning to Like Being Alone as a Caregiver

    Making Friends With Solitude
    I used to hate being alone. I remember as a teenager, aching for the phone to ring, rifling through my closet for something 'cool' to wear, wandering the halls of my university residence listening for signs of music and laughter. I was restless and bored being by myself.

    But not anymore. My searching spirit was quieted by years of solitude caring for my children. Nicholas is 25 now and Natalie is 22, but for many of their growing up years, I was ...

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  4. My son Nick's Sports Blog - He May Not be Employed, but He's Productive!

    Hi everyone,
    Here's my son Nicholas' latest blog post; he blogs about his favourite sports and this post is about his recent meeting and interview with 'The Viper', Randy Orton, from the World Wrestling Entertainment. Check out the great photos!
  5. Reflections on the Film 'Boyhood': Holding On and Letting Go

    The Film 'Boyhood': Reflections on Holding On and Letting Go
    A date night with my husband Jim doesn't happen often. We have fallen into our habits of cooking dinner together, followed by reading or watching a British television drama. Sometimes, though, a movie or play catches my eye and I peek out of my turtleshell long enough to organize an escape from my comfy chair at home.

    This week, we saw Richard Linklater's new film, 'Boyhood'. I'd seen the word 'masterpiece' attached ...
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