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  1. I am so sick of

    this rainy ass weather. We get a bit of rain then just clouds, then rain, then stops. Nothing is getting a chance to dry. I have brush and wood that needs to be burned, grass and weeding that needs to be done. Today was not supposed to rain. It already has. Supposed to be warm and partly sunny. slowing getting there.

    I am in a foul state this morning. This mess with my caregivers has really gotten to me. I am just furious and they have been fired. So now I am networking for a new caregiver.
  2. Wound up doing

    a whole lot of nothing yesterday. Laid around, watched tv, played on the puter, even sat on the patio and listened to the rain and birds while I got caught up on a couple of magazines. My knees are blown but I am going to have to deal with it until I can get in to see my ortho at the end of July. That is so long. Especially since the appt. was made three weeks ago. They told me to call in the event that they have a cancellation but right now I have no car so it's not like I can go even if they do. ...
  3. Not sure what to do with myself today.

    It is supposed to drizzle all day long on and off. My pain levels have been ridiculous the last four days. If I can get to my spot later in the day and rest and watch tv then the next day isn't so bad but if I do all my usual during the day then stand in the kitchen for however long it takes to make dinner my knees are ruined the next day. Like today. I overworked myself on Tuesday, took wednesday off except for dinner then was on my feet Thursday in a cleaning mode all day then dinner so yesterday ...
  4. Well I

    Made it through the day yesterday. Of course. Brandon missed his job interview and both of us were broken hearted. I started thinking...yeah don't hurt myself...and sometimes I get a feeling about things. How they happen and that they possibly happened for a reason. the whole mess with Cj's car breaking down just as I got home, thank God because I was out in the middle of nowhere and had considered taking the long way home but changed my mind right where my two turns were. Had I taken the long way ...
  5. Sometimes I feel

    like I don't want to do this anymore. This so called life. I am so tired. I am so tired of having things break down, plans ruined, the anxiety about money, the pain. When I think of the years I still have left and it is just more of this only getting worse I figure whats the damn point. I try to do right. I try to be a good mom, person, and everything I do or want to do is surrounded by obstacles. It is a constant battle to do anything. It is so bad that nothing gets done because I am frozen, I ...

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    Chris is babbling again.
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