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  1. Later in the

    evening and decided to put down my new regiment. I was given some CBD oil by caregivers that have a chemist who makes their product. Their oil can be topical, put in a drink or food or put under the tongue. I have started a new regiment to try to combat the pain. They gave me an almost full sample bottle. They are small but go a long way. Only $25. She told me how to use it and how to supplement it with my arsenal. Soon as I open my eyes two drops under my tongue and put on back and neck where my ...
  2. Been a bit

    Toning it down a bit. I know some have trouble reading and if you read and you do I can tone it back up a bit. I haven't been here for a while, wow almost a month I think. Am loving being off the Trintillex and though I think I did have a little bit of withdrawal there it is gone. I feel better and more often but it is good things. The pain management raised my Neurontin to 600 mg three times a day to try and see if we can combat some of this pain. I will not be getting a pain medication because ...
  3. Mission today

    is to do something constructive. I have this urge to create lately despite that my craft room is now also the foster room. I ordered books from the library on Amigurumi. I even got out yarn and my crochet hooks and messed for a second then threw it down in frustration thinking that i know I will start something that I won't finish. I am sad about it because I really would like to make something. Books are still here so maybe i will have a change of heart.

    Since leaving physical therapy
  4. I can feel again

    now that the Trintillex is gone. I can cry again. And I do. Frustrated crying. Crying about pain, money, good news, while thanking God for the sweet little good bits in my day here and there. No I'm not a cry baby and I don't cry all the time but I tell ya when I am all up in my emotions things go so much better if I can release them. I think that even though I have titrated off I am still getting a little bit of withdrawal. Realizing it for what it is and letting it pass which is hard.
  5. went back and looked

    through my first three entries and wow was I feeling ambitious. Wonder was it mania, desperation, now I blog through depression and pain. I need to find my way back to that. Andy holy smokes if it ain't been over a year. My God time flies. I feel like I have sunk in a pit since then. My lists have stopped because my pain is so bad that I can do only the bare minimum, clean bathroom, living room, kitchen. Not all at the same time. I go to PT and that's it. I have packed up my meds to go to the ...
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