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Chris is babbling again.

trying to change my life one thing at a time

  1. Today

    Well so much for starting this blog to help me do better with my life. I would say nothing has improved and while I had good intentions I am just too lazy and pain wracked. The pain depresses me severely. I cry often because it is frustrating, because it makes me angry, because it seems unfair, because it seems ridiculous that a person should find pain in the stupidest of places on the human body. Right now my left shoulder muscle hurts from a shot I got last Thursday, right into my trigger point. ...
  2. today prominses

    to be warm and cloudy possible rain. Felt a little better yesterday. Got my nortriptyline back which helps my fibro. I always forget how much until I am without it. Have been double dosing my Neurontin in the a.m. and saving my single dose for the p.m. It seems to help some of my foot and leg pain.

    Went to the doctor which really is a useless visit. All they can do is write general scripts and give out referrals. He does absolutely nothing for me unless it is something simple that a
  3. Wow this weather

    has my body in fits. My pain levels are so bad I laid in bed and cried yesterday afternoon. Smoked some MMJ and it helped quite a bit but I never did get my nap. I hadn't even done that much that morning though I had been out and about. Wow two places, kripes. I can't get anything done. I still have not finished the screen though it is simple. I have one panel up but not trimmed. The weather has been rainy for days it seems. Not conducive to much of anything outdoors.

    My basement cleaning,

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    Chris is babbling again.
  4. Just another dreary

    in Michigan. Rainy, cold and windy later. Not conducive to putting up screen on the patio. Yes I finallly have everything I need to put up the fence and to fix the patio/catio. Tomorrow I should have repaired enough screen to let the cats out. I was letting Belladonna out during the day then making her come in late afternoon for the night. Well she disappeared for hours the other day and Jared freaked out then I got freaked out and just when we were both freaked and I in tears of fear for her she ...
  5. It's been

    Awhile. Not a lot has happened. I have managed to get myself into another rescue/foster predicament. People not feeding and watering their dog, yard is a pig sty and dog is eating garbage. They threw their cat out last fall due to fleas, their own fault, and she kept hanging around a friend of Brandon's. The girl took her back to them and the owner was thrilled and took the cat in and the next day threw it back out again. No food no water, man refused outreach help for his dog. Soooo I went and ...
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