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  1. Not sleeping so good

    For some reason I tossed and turned even though I smoked before bed and did my usual routine. Was kind of hot at first but cooled right down. lots of vivid dreaming. Brain working too hard, usually don't get that until just before waking. Decided at three thirty in the morning to get up. Is six now decided to put on something warmer and find something to do.

    I am cancelling both my doc appts today. That woman did not bring my babies to me and I am worried. What she doesn't know is
  2. Feeling so lazy lately

    I have been feeling so lazy the last week. I am still taking my meds, making my bed, keeping up on appts., general picking up of the house, finished fine tuning my foster room door. Got another kitten adopted. My lawn needs to be mowed, is a beautiful day to do it. Such a hassle, I have to air up the tires first. There's something else, the mower needs new tires. Three of them have slow leaks. Need to weed whack also. Have a charged battery.

    Lost my partial in the house somewhere.
  3. Tougher than I thought

    Yep the mania is gone, definitely was withdrawal. If I scale myself with 1 being happy and 10 being super depressed I am about a 6......well I am not crying, at least right now cause I just got up lol. I have to remember that my depression is a different animal than my anxiety. Even if they do feed off of one another. The more anxious I am the more depressed I become. My anxiety level unfortunately is usually based on my situation, therefore situational anxiety. That is what is untreated. My anxiety ...
  4. still going

    though I can feel myself losing momentum. The thrill is gone now it becomes work. THat is the attitude that needs to change. I need to keep the good up, the gratitude that I can do these things. that I know what to do. What I want to do. The ability to do them.

    Keeping up my morning routine is becoming just that, did have to stop and brush my teeth. I have a terrible habit of starting things but now following through. My old therapist said I had a cycle where I was status quo for a

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    Chris is babbling again.
  5. Just tired

    got up at 4:30 figured I'd just go back to bed in a little while. Of course mama and kittens heard me so now they are zipping around the living room. Dash is whimpering from the bedroom, Bella is meowing from the basement both unhappy with me lol.

    The dog was parvo negative so I paid for his parvo shot and he got a deworming. Such a relief. Now I worry about finding the poor thing a rescue. Neutering, rabies and all the other wonderful things. I can't afford all that. His Neutering

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    Chris is babbling again.

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