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Chris is babbling again.

trying to change my life one thing at a time

  1. Trying today

    I woke a bit early but I feel much better today. Amazing what a good night sleep after a shower, clean sheets and a tad of smoke will do. I got the worst of the lawn done yesterday I didn't weed whack but that is coming when I can. Not going to fret about that. I have to take Chunk to the vet today. That is if CARE calls me and okays it because I am broke. Possible upper respiratory issues. Got a cold maybe.

    After watching a couple of simple but crucial exercise videos for your back
  2. Not so good

    once again in withdrawal. Nortryptiline. Pain and migraines creeping in. My own fault for cancelling my appointment. Had a wicked headache yesterday and felt sick. Spent part of the day laying down and napping. got up and made dinner. my trapezuus is one giant knot. It seems the more I write about what needs to be done the less I get done. The more depressed I feel about it. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea. My kitchen is relatively clean, my bathroom could use a once over but is not bad.

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    Chris is babbling again.
  3. Not sleeping so good

    For some reason I tossed and turned even though I smoked before bed and did my usual routine. Was kind of hot at first but cooled right down. lots of vivid dreaming. Brain working too hard, usually don't get that until just before waking. Decided at three thirty in the morning to get up. Is six now decided to put on something warmer and find something to do.

    I am cancelling both my doc appts today. That woman did not bring my babies to me and I am worried. What she doesn't know is
  4. Feeling so lazy lately

    I have been feeling so lazy the last week. I am still taking my meds, making my bed, keeping up on appts., general picking up of the house, finished fine tuning my foster room door. Got another kitten adopted. My lawn needs to be mowed, is a beautiful day to do it. Such a hassle, I have to air up the tires first. There's something else, the mower needs new tires. Three of them have slow leaks. Need to weed whack also. Have a charged battery.

    Lost my partial in the house somewhere.
  5. Tougher than I thought

    Yep the mania is gone, definitely was withdrawal. If I scale myself with 1 being happy and 10 being super depressed I am about a 6......well I am not crying, at least right now cause I just got up lol. I have to remember that my depression is a different animal than my anxiety. Even if they do feed off of one another. The more anxious I am the more depressed I become. My anxiety level unfortunately is usually based on my situation, therefore situational anxiety. That is what is untreated. My anxiety ...

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