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  1. The sun is shining

    but it is freezing out there lol. Despite my anxiety constantly niggling at me I have been able to maintain a decent mood. Not really depressed, mentally exhausted cause my brain doesn't shut up. constantly reminding me of all the things I am not doing and those that need to be done. I am thinking it is time to start entertaining the thought of some real meditation throughout the day. I can use the short breathing techniques for cigarette cravings and something more intense for those moments when ...
  2. Well it has been

    a little while since I was here. One of the steel pipes in the basement finally burst. I have been trying to get that pipe replaced for 4 yrs. Was told they would eventually go. So went without water Sunday through to most of yesterday. CJ fixed it yesterday before work. There is still more to be done, a lot more, new water heater in, new water softener in and then it will be good as new thank God. That all will take a huge lingering weight off my shoulders. Well I made it all day Monday and most ...
  3. Another Friday

    Yay!! Make the last of necessary phone calls today to end the week. No appts. though I do temporarily have the car. Don't think I will be going anywhere today though I do miss the social clubs.

    Still maintaining my morning routine, still forgetting to brush teeth once in a while. I know it is because I am not doing it first thing, I get my coffee and smokes turn on the puter and get on. If the dang bathroom sink worked I would do it right after I do my morning bathroom duty.

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    Chris is babbling again.
  4. Brandon

    came yesterday morning and spent the day with me, got him outta the house. He didn't rant and rave about Jen so he wasn't too annoying lol. God I love that kid and he is hurting so bad, he is trying so hard. She is playing him, trying to push him to do better. Actually she is playing the guy she is seeing, he got her that house and she is trying to fix it up so the kids can move in. She is hesitant to take them because she hasn't truly made up her mind. This new guy is showing his ass and she is ...
  5. Sunday and

    a week from today will be my last day to smoke. I am going to put in a request to see my psych and get my meds back up where they were to help me get through it. I already have an appt but it isn't until the 17th. that's two days guess i can wait that long.

    It is a perfectly dreary Sunday, one of those ones where you have oatmeal and toast for breakfast and chill with my snuggly on and watch horror movies.

    Didn't get much tv watching done yesterday. Am slowly get bedroom

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