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Chris is babbling again.

trying to change my life one thing at a time

  1. Yay!

    Spring has arrived. Snow is all gone, early spring flowers are already breaking ground. I really need to consider buying fencing. Maybe it doesn't have to be as big as I want. I just realized I forgot to change my font lol. oh well. The sun is shining this morning and it is supposed to get up to 40 today.

    Tomorrow I hit the foodbanks. Have made dates for brandon as to when I need the car. His grandma is letting him use her car if he needs it. So tomorrow I have a lot of stuff to do.

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    Chris is babbling again.
  2. I have been

    thinking on it and it really bothers me so I shall put it down with the rest of my crap. I love BT, I truly miss it. It has become a place with only three real active forums that have managed to gather up all the other forums and just kind of included them in their groups. Chit chat, emotional support, exercise, caregiver support and so many others have rolled themselves up into two or three forums and now the other forums rarely get used. If someone were to come here they would see that the only ...
  3. Sun?

    Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day out then again it is only sunrise. I hate this whole time change. It is dark for so long now when I get up. Spring is here. The snow for the most part is gone. Brandon helped me clean out my car and pick up all the little bits of trash that had been blown around the neighborhood and froze in my yard. Been terribly windy here lately, had my trashcans tip a couple times and I think my pizza and doughnut boxes blew in the neighbor's yard. Along with all ...
  4. Kinda early

    this morning. Woke up to pee and found I was wide awake. So I will play for a bit and then probably go back to bed for a while. What the hell, it's Sunday. Been thinking the last couple weekends about going back to church. Wish I had a friend to go with me.

    Got my sentence from the club, 90 day suspension. Thanks to Jammie who pled my case for me. God I feel so stupid and of course everybody up there knows so I am sure I will get ragged on for a while. Went yesterday morning to get
  5. Looks like spring

    is poking it's head out this week. Supposed to get thunderstorms tomorrow. Almost time to start cleaning up the yard. Did a bit yesterday. Winds blew our trash cans over and garbage got critterfied and was leaking every where. Plus snow is melting and we had some trash get uncovered by the road that was compliments of the fine gentleman that was doing our garbage over the snow days.

    I have really been thinking about my depression and how tired I am of being this way. For some reason

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    Chris is babbling again.

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